Designing a New Model of Public Service Television

Robin Foster has contributed an essay, “Designing a New Model of Public Service Television”, to the recently published book “A Future for Public Service Television”, in which a number of writers reflect on the issues raised in Lord Puttnam’s 2016 Public Service TV Inquiry.

In “Designing a New Model of PST”, Robin Foster argues that there is still a significant role for public service television, but that it must change radically to reflect the new environment in which it operates. Robin suggests closer scrutiny of the types of content for which public funding should be used, and urges a pro-active move from broadcasting to on-demand distribution. He suggests that institutions like the BBC should be more open, diverse and devolved in their approach to commissioning, production and distribution. He also makes the case for new sources of voluntary funding (subscription, membership fees etc) alongside public funding like the licence fee.