Latest News

25 February 2015 - Google has published the latest iteration of its global broadband pricing database, prepared by Communications Chambers

20 January 2015 - Robin Foster has been speaking at the Future Media Lab conference on Media Diversity in the Digital Age 

20 January 2015 - Communications Chambers has undertaken a Preliminary Market Impact Assessment of the BBC's proposed changes to BBC Three and launch of a BBC One+1 channel

10 November 2014 - The Broadband Stakeholders Group has published Robert Kenny's study, Out of home use of the Internet

5 November 2014 - Robin Foster has written on media plurality and digital intermediaries for the LSE media policy blog

1 November 2014 - Tim Suter has been appointed to the Board of the Press Recognition Panel 

27 October 2014 - Rob Kenny has been interviewed by the Austrailian Financial Review on his bandwidth demand forecasts

25 September 2014 - Robin Foster has presented a paper on media plurality to a seminar hosted by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

27 August 2014 - Australia's Department of Communications has published a forecast by Communications Chambers of of Australian broadband speed demand

15 July 2014 - The prestigious Berkman Center has published analysis based on the broadband pricing database Communications Chambers built for Google

19 May 2014 - Robin Foster has been appointed an independent director of ATVOD.

12 May 2014 - Robert Kenny and Claire Milne have written a a report for Vodafone, considering mobile's potential as a tool for Digital Inclusion.

28 November 2013 - Robin Foster and Tom Broughton have compiled a report for the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA) which examines the UK's future as a global TV hub, and the role that multichannel broadcasters can play in securing further growth in the UK TV sector.

5 November 2013 - Robert Kenny and Tom Broughton's report and model for the Broadband Stakehold Group have been published today. The model adopts a technology agnostic approach to forecast demand for bandwidth in the UK over the next decade. More here.

2 October 2013 - Robin Foster presented at the event to launch Ofcom's specturm stragegy consultation, and spoke on the potential for greater use of market mechanisms in spectrum allocation.

5 September 2013 - Robert Kenny and Aileen Dennis have published a report, commissioned by the CCIA, assessing broadband switching barriers in Europe.

20 June 2013 - Robert Kenny and Tom Broughton have published a report, commissioned by Vodafone, which takes a critical analysis of Finnish consultancy Rewheel's report into European mobile prices.

14 June 2013 - Robin Foster and Robert Kenny have both provided written evidence to the House of Lords inquiry into media plurality, and Robin has recently given oral evidence.

17 May 2013 - We've just completed an update of the broadband pricing database for Google  - bigger, better and more global! 

17 April 2013 - Robert Kenny has given a presentation on 'Ultrafast broadband - A solution in search of a problem?' at George Mason University

28 March 2013 - Robin Foster has just completed a spell as special adviser to the UK House of Lords Communications Committee for its Inquiry into media convergence and the future regulatory framework. The  Committee's report has just been published

8 February 2013 - We've published interactive maps showing the location and power of the UK's DTT tranmitters

17 January 2013 - Robin Foster and Tom Broughton have published a paper for the BBC on how prominence rules need to change in a converged world






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